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There are only so many hours in a day and, in an effort to maximize their time and maintain personal health, plenty of people seek outdoor activities even when it’s dark. Whether you are sneaking in an early morning walk before work or burning off some calories with a jog before bed, there is no wrong time to improve your physical well-being, but a lack of light can result in risks.

Darkness creates visibility issues for drivers on the road or bikers riding to the side, and potential problems can place walkers, runners, and pedestrians in vulnerable positions. Fortunately, the Illumaband Headlamp supplies a simple and affordable solution to sustain safety no matter the time of day.

This motion sensor ultra-bright headlamp is completely hands-free and packs 350 lumens to let you see further in the dark and, even more importantly, ensures that oncoming traffic recognizes your presence from a distance. Normally priced at $48, it is currently available at a discounted cost of $29.99 for a limited time.

The Illumaband Headlamp carries an Amazon rating of 4.4 stars out of five, weighs less than one-fifth of a pound, is adjustable to your unique comfort fit, is resistant to impact and water, and offers five modes with a 230-degree lighting angle. Fast-charging through a USB cable and equipped to remain powered for up to eight hours, this is the perfect accessory to keep you safe without sacrificing your functionality, as you’ll hardly notice this headlamp aside from its help.

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Aside from walking or running near streets at night, this is also an ideal tool for hiking, hunting, and camping trips. Forget about tripping on rocky trails due to a lack of visibility, and confidently handle nighttime needs outside the tent.

Make your future outdoor endeavors safer and more efficient with help from the Illumaband Headlamp for only $29.99 (reg. $48).

Prices subject to change.


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