As they continue to seek for witnesses, detectives probing the gruesome murder of a boy who was knifed to death by a gang of guys have published a new image.

In a frightening attack in London five years ago, Michael Jonas, 17, was chased through Betts Park in southeast London and stabbed by up to six men.

On Thursday, November 2, 2017, the adolescent was ‘left to die alone’ before being discovered hours later. Despite the efforts of paramedics, he would succumb to his injuries and die on the spot.

The Metropolitan Police have now published a new CCTV image from the night in question, which appears to show a man wearing a bag who they want to speak to in connection with their investigations.

Michael’s murder case is still active, despite the fact that charges were dropped in January 2018 due to a lack of evidence.

With his killers still on the loose, the teen’s parents have issued a new appeal for information.

‘We have lost our son,’ his father, Michael Jonas Sr, said in a public statement.

‘Michael’s murder, which occurred for no apparent cause, left us devastated and shocked the Penge community.’ He was not deserving of this.’

‘We think about Michael every single day, and we will not stop until we receive justice for him,’ Michael’s father continued.

‘His assailants are still on the loose, and we need your help to track them down. We’re pleading with you to come forward if you have any information that could assist police in apprehending these deadly criminals.

‘As long as they’re out on the streets, they’re posing a threat to others.’ It could be a member of your family or a friend the next time. What would your reaction be? We must ensure that this does not happen again.

‘I appreciate that speaking with police might be tough for some people of the community. I would implore them to put their differences aside and join with law enforcement to get folks like this off the …….


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