Community news reporting calls for journalists to step into a community and hear its heartbeat, record the daily struggles and joys of the residents. To take things up a notch, Berea Mail journalist, Danica Hansen has decided to take part in Stella Athletic Club’s Couch to 10km Challenge. Watch her journey unfold in the diary of The Jogging Journalist. Today we bring you the 12th post in the series.

THE training sessions have run their course and the10km race is on it’s way. With just two weeks to go until the Checkstar Verulam Falcons Challenge, this amateur athlete is thinking about nutrition and how to fuel up for race day. (Trust a newly reformed couch potato to have food on the brain).

While coach Dave Beattie has equipped us with excellent training over the last 13 weeks, he referred me to Stella Athletics Club runner and personal trainer, Craig George, for nutrition tips as I step up to the plate.

George is not a dietician, but after he told me about his impressive track record, I was all ears to hear his nutrition tips. Not only is he training for his eighth Comrades Marathons this year, George has run two 100km Skyruns (into the Lesotho mountains!) and completed the Two Oceans Marathon twice. The seasoned runner has also been training athletes for 20 years.

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Here are five nutrition tips to ace it on race day:

Keep it healthy
First and foremost, George advised me to ditch the junk food.

“An athlete can’t eat junk food while training- it’s like building a house with sand,” he said.

Rich food can cause an upset stomach so it’s all about simple dishes and complex carbs for the win.

When I hear ‘carbs’ soft white bread and potato chips come to mind, but George explained that complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, jungle oats and whole wheat pasta are the way to go for pre-race fuel.

“Pasta is very good, but it’s important not to over eat as your body has to metabolize the food while you sleep. Don’…….


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