Community news reporting calls for journalists to step into a community and hear its heartbeat, record the daily struggles and joys of the residents. To take things up a notch, Berea Mail journalist, Danica Hansen has decided to take part in Stella Athletic Club’s Couch to 10km Challenge. Watch her journey unfold in the diary of The Jogging Journalist. Today we bring you the eight post in the series.

FOLLOWING the KZN floods, this journalist has been under the weather, in more ways than one.

Hitting the pavement twice a week for a grueling training session is often the last place I want to be. And while I have missed the odd session here and there, I have to say, I am never disappointed when I do drag myself to training.

No matter how physically tired, emotionally drained or mentally exhausted I feel, I am always refreshed after a run.
It is common knowledge that exercise can lead to an energy boost, but experiencing it first hand is still exciting and surprising for this amateur athlete.

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Being the nerd that I am, I was fascinated to learn more, so I asked Google to tell me how and why exercise boosts my energy levels so drastically.

I learnt that exercise can prompt the body to produce more mitochondria, aka, ‘the powerhouse of the cell.’ I won’t get too technical because I’m not a scientist, but these bad boys are apparently responsible for generating fuel out of the glucose in our food- so more mitochondria means more energy. There are also plenty of articles unpacking how running increases blood circulation,  releases endorphins and even leads to a euphoric state known as ‘runners high’.

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I can’t say I’ve experienced the high yet, but I am definitely noticing increased energy levels, and improved concentration – which is much needed- as anyone who knows me will testify!

So, if you’re feeling the mid-year slump prematurely like me, why not take a jog round your neighborhood or a promenade stroll? You might just be amazed at the results!

* Notice: Coronavirus reporting …….


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