The history of baby strollers started way back to the 18th century, by the Duke of Devonshire’s children, which were meant to be pulled by a pony or goat. What we see today is a result of evolution that occurred with the evolving need of the parents and the comfort of the baby. While prams are usually used to carry infants, the strollers last up to three years of age. The recent publication of Bonafide Research titled- Global Jogging Stroller Market Overview, 2021-2026, studies the market of baby jogging strollers along with its sales channels, across regions and countries.

A traditional stroller does just fine for a calm walk around the lane or a quick visit to the mall. But for a run or jog, or to hit the bumpy dirt rugged walks with the little one, jogging stroller suits the best. The jogging strollers are made in such a way that they absorb the bounces that come along the way of an uneven surface, keeping the baby comfortable and safe. Unlike the regular strollers, the jogger has three wheels in a triangular configuration and a suspension system that aids in decreasing the jolt impacts. Manufacturers have started combining infant seats with joggers which allows a long tenure starting from day one. The global market is led by the US, whereas the total jogging strollers accounted to USD 141 Million in 2015. These strollers are also known as running strollers also have a sturdy handrail on the back that allows for an easier push while jogging. Most of these strollers have heavy canopies for protection against the sun & dust. Globally, North America leads the jogging stroller market since 2015. The increasing birth rate in the major Asian economies like China, India, Japan, etc is expected to demand more jogging strollers.

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On the other hand, Latin America along with Middle East & Africa accounted for less than 20% together. The high cost of the raw material in the developing countries and the lack of skilled labor are major constraints in the market. The online sales channel is expected to be the fastest-growing CAGR, with the rising preference for easy comparing and doorstep delivery. Thus, it is expected to broaden the scope for purchasing strollers through the online channel of distribution with prominent online retailers such …….


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