Erudite Hon. Worgu Boms Esq.
April 14, 2022.

I keep reminding them that Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 3rd cousin of Theodore Roosevelt (himself was 5 presidents earlier his cousin Delano), governed America from a wheelchair.
Yes, wheelchair. And the only one to have been sworn in more than twice!

Could he even walk, or even crawl, before we even begin to talk about jogging as qualification to be president as we are now being inspired to believe!

When we were here, in 2015, supporting Buhari against Jonathan, between Jonathan and Buhari, then, who could jog?

When a journalist interviewed then Governor Amaechi about his thoughts on people’s concerns about Buhari and his health, what did Amaechi answer?
Did he say anything about ability to jog?
Have we forgotten what his answer was?
That the General was not going to Aso Rock to carry block.

In 2019, when, older by 4 years from 2015, could Buhari still jog?
Why did we still support him and declared him the best to the point that no one dared?
Was he a sprinter then?

The UN that is world Government today was conceived by the wheelchair President, Roosevelt, with US Churchill.
The Idea of an atomic bomb in wars was also conceived by them.

The sudden requirement of ability to jog as qualification for presidency typifies everything that is fraud and flaw in human reason in the context of our supporting Buhari against Jonathan and against Moghalu the former CBN Deputy Director.
This is typical of anything Amaechi in which logic and reason must be stood on their head in the thinking that all of us are cretins

You don’t need to support Tinubu or anyone.
It’s your choice.
But, being unreasonable is not enviable.

When Tinubu came here with others to rescue us from Wike and Jonathan and Patience’s political pummeling, and we, with Amaechi, our then boss, submitted to his assistance, that time, Tinubu could jog!

Now that their legs have reached ground, Tinubu is this and that.
Is Buhai not also that thing and even more?

Jogging is now a constitutional requirement for the presidency!

Opposing reason is, by definition, unreasonable just as reason …….


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